Real Estate Investment Banking

The uncertain economic market has created an unprecedented challenge for commercial real estate investors. The Southpoint Group’s Real Estate Investment Banking division was formed to address the needs of current and future real estate investors as it relates to commercial real estate mortgages.

Over the past years we have found two major voids in commercial lending:

  1. The first is finding feasible lenders to underwrite loans between 1-6 million dollars. Traditional banks underwrite very conservatively -if everything fits in the proverbial box they will proceed- if anything, or several things, are not within that structured deal parameter the loan is usually turned down.
  2. Back in the “good old days” of 2005, 2006,2007 lenders were underwriting loans of any size using very loose guidelines and underwriting practices. Once the loans were funded they sold these loans into the CMBS (Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities) market and these loans usually had short initial terms. Now, these loans are coming due to be refinanced, but the market has changed drastically since originally underwritten. These loans are now on the watch list, and most likely will have little or no success in being refinanced, leaving the borrowers to find themselves in very undesirable situations, unable to refinance (expenses are always increasing and rents are not keeping up with expenses in addition to higher vacancies) and facing default situations

The Southpoint Group Real Estate Investment Banking division acts as an advocate for borrowers, analyzing each individual situation with a fresh look, underwriting property information, and offering a host of options, assisting borrowers in making the most well informed decisions related to their commercial properties.

The Southpoint Group Real Estate Banking division functions as a financial advisor in complex Chapter 11 and distressed debt cases and has successfully helped dozens of owners and companies resolve their troubled debt situations.

To learn more on how we may assist you, please call or email us for a no obligation, completely confidential analysis and discussion. Our contact information is as follows:

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