Investment Sales

When venturing out looking for the right investment property, it’s easy to get confused. Which asset class should be considered? Which location should focus be placed on? Will emphasis be placed on having a property manager or should it be self-managed? What return on investment should one expect to obtain? These are all valid questions and require considerable thought and knowledge. The Southpoint Group has successfully navigated through the torrid climate of investment properties. Having been involved in tens of millions of dollars of investments in commercial real estate we have the resources, knowledge, understanding, logic and patience required to guide you through the process. There is always something out there for everyone.

The majority of our transactions are off market deals specific to our clients’ needs and in general never out in the marketplace. We are out on the streets and have years of experience and local knowledge which has allowed The Southpoint Group to create a niche market allowing us to bring properties to our clients, and clients to our properties well before our competition and we do it in a way that protects the interests of all involved.

Allow us a moment of your time to sit with you and discuss your concerns or requirements. As well, if you simply want to learn more about getting involved in investing in commercial real estate we will make ourselves available to you. Simply call us or email us and make arrangements with our team. We look forward to meeting you.